Array Issue 01 | Launch Party

This weekend marked the launch party for our first issue: Array Issue 01 | Neon // Desert Daze!  Thank you to all who came out!  I am so humbled by the turnout and am beyond grateful for the amount of support this project has gained.  The goal of Array was to create something with integrity, a quarterly journal that displayed many artists viewpoints under one publication, and I feel that issue 01 achieves that well!  From getting to work with talented photographers, to meeting artists and patrons of the arts at the launch, I am so inspired to start on issue 02 and really dive into this book and see where it can go!  

Keep an eye out for artist interviews from issue 01 on our website and social media feeds.  We will also be announcing the participating photographers for issue 02 along with the issue's themes!


Event Photography: Emi Rose Kitawaki

Floral Arrangements: La Rosa Que Crecio