Array Issue 03 | Launch Party

We have officially launched the third issue of Array and couldn't be happier with the support we have received!  This issue's themes were "Candy Coated" and "Monochromatic" and included a wide range of talented California based photographers.   The super talented past Array participant, Khalid Farqharson, shot the event!

I try to let each issue have it’s own language and graphic story, and with this issue I went all in on the idea of vibrant rainbows. The photographers work all ended up creating a sort of gradient within the book which sparked the inspiration to focus on the idea of rainbow colors bleeding into each other between the photographers.

It seems with each launch I get to witness the projects growth, and with this launch I can see the project has grown quite a bit! I am so humbled by the support we have gotten and the opportunity I have to work with some truly incredible photographers.

I know we are only going to continue growing and creating a platform for artists to share their perspectives with the world!

Take a look at the photos and check out the book, now available for purchase on our site!